Kerry and Monsanto

By Bob Feldman

There are additional connections between "Skull & Bones" Kerry and Monsanto.
One of Kerry's major source of funds is his Ultra-Rich Wife, Heinz
Endowments foundation Board of Directors Chairperson Teresa Heinz-Kerry.
Sitting next to John "Skull & Bones" Kerry's wife on the Heinz Endowments
foundation board of directors in recent years has been a member of the
Monsanto Company board of directors named Howard M. Love. "Skull & Bones"
Kerry's younger brother, Cameron Kerry, is also a member of the
Monsanto-linked Mintz Levin corporate law firm and leading Kerry career
campaign contributor.

Besides having connections to the special Monsanto corporate interests,
" Skull & Bones" Kerry also apparently has an interesting formal connection
to the extremely influential and powerful Federal Reserve Bank Chairperson,
Alan Greenspan. Sitting next to Heinz Awards Chaiperson Teresa Heinz-Kerry
on the Heinz Awards Board of Directors, apparently, is the wife of Federal
Reserve Bank Chairperson Alan Greenspan: NBC News' Chief Foreign
Correspondent Andrea Mitchell.

Under Federal Reserve Bank Chairperson Alan Greenspan's guidance of the U.S.
economic system, millions of high-paying jobs have been eliminated by the
U.S. economy during the last ten years and little progress has been made
towards reducing the length of the U.S. workweek, providing free medical
care for all U.S. citizens, curbing corporate dominance of the U.S. economy
and mass media, reducing economic inequality or moving towards the creation
of a leisure-oriented society that is protective of the environment, etc.


       This article was posted on 2.5.04