Things That Need To Be Said

(I received this in an e-mail fron Isis The Avenger, February 22, 2003.)
Help us stop the terrorist
Help Put an END to THE WAR!
Our GOVERNMENT has been LYING TO US! Together We Can Stop Government Corruption.

If any of this information sounds true and you are suspicious towards the policies of the U.S. governments, then email this message to your friends and loved ones. Start talking about it. Help get this message out!
Bush Knew About 911 and Failed To Act.
George W. Bush said on two occasions that he saw the first plane hit the World Trade Center at 8:46 a.m. on 911, and was told by Andrew Card about the second plane hitting the World Trade Center at 9:05 a.m.- yet Bush did nothing but listen to a children's story at an elementary school until 9:30 a.m. instead of ordering fighter jets to intercept all high-jacked planes immediately. Why would the president wait for the second plane to hit before scrambling jets to shoot down the high jacked plane?
Bush Used the 911 Tragedy To Direct Funding To His Wealthy and Powerful Supporters.
Bush demanded additional tax cuts for the wealthy using the pretense of "stimulating the economy". Bush massively increased defense spending, to the direct personal benefit of his fathers and his financial interests in the Carlyle Group, the nation 11th largest defense contactor.
What is the Carlyle Group?
The Carlyle Group is a Closely Held Corporation Which Buys and Sells Defense Contractors. George Bush's father owns shares in the Carlyle Group, which include ownership in 164 companies throughout the world. The firm also helped George W. Bush Jr. in the early 1990's by placing him on the board of directors on one of Carlyle's subsidiaries.
Wall Street Journal has reported (Sept. 27, 2001) "A Carlyle executive said that the bin Laden family committed $2 million through a London Investment arm in 1995 in Carlyle Partners II Fund which raises $1.3 billion overall. The fund has purchased several aerospace companies among 29 deals..."
In Other Words, Osama bin Laden's attacks On the World Trade Center and Pentagon, with the resulting massive increase in the U.S. defense budget have just made his family a great fortune.
This is government corruption of the highest proportions.
The U.S. government has been secretly arming its enemies. This includes the Taliban and Saddam Hussein.
ABC News Nightline opened last June 9 with these words, "It is becoming increasingly clear", said a grave Ted Koppel, "that George Bush (Sr.) operated largely behind the scenes throughout the 1980s, initiated and supported much of the financing, intelligence, and military help that built Saddam's Iraq into the aggressive power that the United States eventually had to destroy..."
War Makes the Government Money at the Expense of Human Lives.
The father of our current president, George Herbert Walker Bush, authorized a series of programs that not only armed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein but also provided him with technology that assisted in his development of chemical weapons like Sarin Gas, and biological weapons, which he still possesses. Bush's directives and policies, including relationships with the Bank of Credit and Commerce Internatinal(BCCI), and the Banca delLavoro (BNL) were directly and deliberately responsible for creating the army the U.S. fought in 1991.
It was the U.S. who armed and trained the Taliban. More money is made from war then any other industry in the world. Next in line is OIL.
The connections continue with Vice President Dick Cheney. The multitude of oil pipeline construction running through the new war zone is one project- according to a Sept.19, 2001 Wall Street Journal story- a joint venture in which the bin Laden family joined H.C. Price renamed Bredero Shaw, now owned by a subsidiary of the Haliburton Corporation, Dresser Industries. Vice President Dick Cheney, who served as Secretary of State during Desert Storm, directing the campaign against Saddam Hussein, was Haliburton's CEO until last year.
FTW, Oct.26, 2001, 1700 PDT - The New York Times is today reporting that, "The Saudi family of Osama bin Laden is severing its financial ties with the Carlyle Group, a private investment firm known for it connections to influential Washington Political figures, executives who have been briefed on the decision said today." Some of those influential figures include George H.W. Bush and his son, our President.
The Times story indicates that the decision by the bin Ladens was the result of "public controversy" about the family's investments in the nation's 11th largest defense contractor. The Carlyle Group employs former president George Bush, who met with the bin Laden family in Saudi Arabia in 1998 and 2000. As a result of explosive increases in the US defense budget the Carlyle Group is facing enormous windfall profits. And there is still strong suspicion that, in spite of mainstream reports indicating otherwise, the family has not severed all ties with the alleged mastermind of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center.
One of the most detailed investigated reports on bin Laden and Bush business connections was published by FTW just weeks ago. We know that it has received worldwide attention and close scrutiny within the Bush Administration.
The story is at
While not cause for great jubilation, this development is clear-cut evidence that independent and alternative media sources do have impact. It should be, therefore, a soul-reassuring affirmation that we must - all of us - continue our important work of filling the canyon-sized gaps left in current reporting by the major media.
Be Skeptical of Major News Networks. They serve as Bush's War Propaganda Machine.
Considering the CIA trained and equipped death squads that tortured and murdered hundreds of thousands of people from Guatemala to Panama- that these same people have brutalized Iraq, leaving portions of it radioactively contaminated by depleted uranium for the next 4 billion years, causing a fivefold increase in the number of childhood leukemia cases amidst a starving population, one can only wonder what they will produce for the world given the context of the World Center attacks.
Watch for our next email ... ISIS THE AVENGER.
* More information on members of our government
Dick Cheney (Vice President) CEO of Haliburton, oil services firm. Under his tutelage, the company gained $2 billion in government contracts to clean up damaged oil fields in Iraq (which, of course, became damaged during Operation: Desert Storm while Cheney was Secretary of Defense under "Poppy" Bush)
Condoleeza Rice (National Security Adviser) member of the board of directors of Chevron (which has christened an oil tanker, the Condoleeza Rice) and Charles Schwab, and is a member of J.P. Morgan's International Advisory Council.
Andrew Card (Chief of Staff) came to the White House from a posting as a vice president of General Motors. Previous to that position, he was CEO of the American Automobile Manufacturers Association, an auto industry lobby shop which fought against stricter fuel emissions standards.
Don Evans (Commerce Secretary) former Chairman and CEO of oil giant Tom Brown Inc. and board member of its subsidiary TMBR/Sharp Drilling, has been friends with G.W Bush since their early days in the oil business and is a longtime political supporter, serving as national finance chairman for the 2000 campaign. As Commerce Secretary, Evans oversees the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which has direct jurisdiction over the national coastline.
Spencer Abraham (Energy Secretary) previously a one-term senator from Michigan, has received more campaign contributions from the auto industry than any other member of Congress. He was also the leading benefactor of an industry lobbying group called the Coalition for Vehicle Choice, which opposes federal fuel economy regulations. While in the Senate, he tried repeatedly to abolish the department which he now leads, and he has earned the lowest possible rating from both the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters. He also pushed for legislation to suspend federal taxes on gasoline, favored drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, voted against reform of the federal system that allows oil companies to pay minimal royalties for oil from public lands, against increasing home heating assistance for low-income families, and against increased funding for solar and renewable energy.
Bush's transition team is dominated by high donors and corporate interests. Of the 474 individuals on the transition team, 261 made political contributions during the last election cycle -- and 95 percent of the $5.3 million they contributed went to Republican candidates or the Republican Party.
Even more telling is the overwhelming corporate background of the transition team members.
The transition team for the Department of Energy, for example, is almost exclusively made up of people affiliated with or working for the extractive energy industry. Companies and outfits represented include: Phillips Petroleum, Enron, Kennecott, Southern California Edison, the National Mining Association and the Nuclear Energy Institute.
[I originally sent this message to my Senators during the Virtual March on Washington, February 26, 2003.]
History has taught us nothing.  Our own recent history is a prime example of the lunacy our government purports to be foreign policy and national security.  We armed and trained Ho Chi Min; we armed and trained Manuel Noriega; we armed and trained Saddam Hussein; we armed and trained Osama Bin Laden.  We bring upon ourselves our own disasters by creating our own enemies.  The White House has darkened itself with its twisted values and falsehoods.  The White House stands on no moral ground here.  Our foreign policy of the past has brought us national insecurity.  We will not be able to enact change or escape our prior mistakes when the harbingers or the past are in control.  We must fight against the future that only relives the past.  Stop this madness.  The only good fight is the one without death or violence that strives for moral peace.
["Monster", by Steppenwolf]
Once the religous, the hunted and weary
Chasing the promise of freedom and hope
Came to this country to build a new vision
Far from the reaches of Kingdom and pope

Like good Christians some would burn the witches
Later some bought slaves to gather riches

And still from near and far to seek America
They came by thousands, to court the wild
But she patiently smiled, and then bore them a child
To be their spirit and guiding light

And when the ties with crown had been broken
Westward in saddle and wagon it went
And till the railroad linked ocean to ocean
Many the lives which had come to an end

While we bullied, stole and bought our homeland
We began the slaughter of the red man

But still from near and far to seek America
They came by thousands, to court the wild
But she patiently smiled and bore them a child
To be their spirit and guiding light

The Blue and Grey they stomped it
They kicked it just like a dog
And when the war was over
They stuffed it just like a hog

But though the past has it share of injustice
Kind was the spirit in many a way

But its protectors and friends have been sleeping
Now it's a monster and will not obey

The spirit was freedom and justice
Its keepers seemed generous and kind
Its leaders were supposed to serve the country
Now they don't pay it no mind
Cause the people got fat and grew lazy
Now their vote is a meaningless joke
They babble about law and 'bout order
But it's just the echo of what they've been told
Yes a monster's on the loose
It's put our heads onto the noose
And just sits there watching
The cities have turned into jungles
And corruption is strangling the land
The police force is watching the people
And the people just can't understand
We don't know how to mind our own business
The whole world has to be just like us
Now we are fighting a war over there
No matter who's the winner we can't pay the cost
Yes a monster's on the loose
It's put our heads in a noose
And just sits there watching

America where are you now
Don't you care about your sons and daughters
Don't you know we need you now
We can't fight alone against the monster.